October 12–14 and 19–21, 2021

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Kim Phuc

October 12, 2021 Keynote: Kim Phuc

Overcoming Adversity: The Power of Hope, Optimism, & Inner Strength

Kim Phuc tells a story like no other. She is the poster child of the Vietnam War, an icon of the cry for peace. She is the unforgettable “Girl in the Picture”: 49 years ago this very month, at just nine years old, Kim’s life was forever altered. Running naked up a road screaming in agony, her skin burning from napalm, the click of a camera helped show the world the raw and brutal impact of the war.

Fleeing the horrors of the Vietnam War, she escaped death to tell her story. Kim survived 17 operations and received plastic surgery to help her lead a “normal” life. Overcoming pain, fear and death, she has gone on to carve an incredible life path. Kim is not only a survivor of extraordinary trauma; she is full of strength, compassion, and forgiveness. Her story is one of resiliency, and amazingly, turning a story of atrocity against humanity into one of giving and inspiration. CNAR is extremely honoured to welcome Kim Phuc as CNAR 2021’s keynote speaker on October 12th, 2021. This is a story not to be missed.

Harmony Johnson

October 20, 2021 Keynote: Harmony Johnson

Developing a Shared Language Towards Reconciliation

Harmony Johnson sɛƛakəs, is of Tla’amin First Nation (Coast Salish) ancestry and was raised in Tla’amin territory where most of her family resides. Harmony operates a consulting business, providing strategy and advisory services in Indigenous health, governance, and human rights, as well as teaches on these same matters. She has served in senior roles with the In Plain Sight review in BC health care, and with the First Nations Health Authority, First Nations Summit, and First Nations Forestry Council, and is currently the interim Vice-President for Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation at Providence Health Care. She is the co-author of a number of publications, including print and digital books about her grandmother’s life history and Tla’amin teachings. Harmony has a BA from Simon Fraser University and an MHA from the University of British Columbia.

During her presentation, Harmony will be unpacking and discussing the key terms as related to truth and reconciliation, in order to develop a shared language and meaning that equips the partnered work of reconciliation moving forward. (Live + Q&A)

CNAR 2021: Program-at-a-Glance

Day #1 – TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12 – Governance

  • OPENING REMARKS – CNAR Executive Director
  • KEYNOTE ADDRESS: KIM PHUC – Overcoming Adversity: The Power of Hope, Optimism, & Inner Strength 
  • 1. Can a Competency Requirement for Eligibility Save the Election Process? 
  • 2. Rethinking Continuing Competence 
  • 3. Regulating in the Public Interest: Measuring the Impact of Regulation 
  • 4. A New Day: Governance Transition at the Ontario College of Teachers 
  • 5. Upgrading the Development of Professionals from a Canadian Cottage Industry to Achieve Economies of Scale 

Day #2 – WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13 – Diversity & Inclusion

  • 6. Assessing Competency of a Diverse and International Workforce 
  • 7. A Regulator’s Journey Towards Cultural Safety and Humility 
  • 8. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion within Profession Regulation: from Audit to Action 
  • 9. Bringing the public voice to health care regulation through the BC-PAN 
  • 10. New Practices in Evaluating and Recognizing Professional Communication Competencies 
  • Virtual Networking Event

Day #3 – THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14 – Hot Topics

  • 11. Understanding and Addressing the Disruptive Practitioner 
  • 12. Boundary Violations in the Health Professions – Getting Upstream on the Issue is Key to Preventing Patient Harm 
  • 13. Preventing Risks to the Public Before They Happen: Practical Tools for Risk-Based Regulators 
  • 14. Keeping Sane: Fitness to Practise in the Era of COVID-19 
  • 15. Freedom of Speech or Professional Breach? Regulating Professional Conduct Regarding Public Health Measures During a Pandemic 
  • Virtual Networking Event

Day #4 – TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19 – Technology/Testing

  • 16. Professional Licensing and Online Ratings: Lessons Learned from Regulatory Leaders Around the World 
  • 17. A Virtual Nursing OSCE: Challenges, Achievements and Prospects 
  • 18. Testing Accommodations through Different Exam Delivery Modalities: Challenges and Opportunities 
  • 19. Designing and Delivering a Virtual Performance-Based Exam: Lessons Learned from the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators 
  • 20. Telepractice in an interjurisdictional context: issues and key principles 

Day #5 – WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20 – Investigations

  • 21. Quest to Improve the Quality of the Inquiry Process: A Multi-College Exploration of User Experiences in British Columbia 
  • 22. The Great Debate – 3 Controversial Enforcement Subjects – Only One Winner Each 
  • 23. Parallel Proceedings and Irreconcilable Tensions 

Day #6 – THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21 – Discipline

  • 24. Radical Ideas to Usher in the Future of the Complaints and Disciplinary Processes 
  • 25. Top Ten Cases You Need to Know About 
  • 26. Adopting a Trauma Informed Approach in Sexual Abuse Cases 
  • PechaKucha Presentations 
  • Closing Remarks







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